Budget friendly Nordic walking poles 

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Are you looking to buy your own Nordic walking poles and wondering what to get? 

A good place to start would be to read our article ‘Best Nordic Walking Poles to Buy’ which we posted earlier this year. It was written by Vicky, one of our instructors and a National Trainer for the International Nordic Walking Federation. The article explains what to look out for in a Nordic walking pole and gives some recommendations on what to buy. 

Since then, Vicky’s been trialling the cheapest poles she recommended in that article – the £29.95 Gabel Stride Light. She’s been really impressed with their quality. They have a cork grip (so no sweaty hands) and a strap which is easy to clip in and out from the handle and which fitted well on her hand. The pole shaft is made from 100% aluminium and the pole had a nice ‘swing weight’ with almost no vibration up the shaft. The tip of the pole is a standard bevelled tip with bright orange paws for when Nordic walking on tarmac.

All in all, Vicky thought this was an excellent budget friendly Nordic walking pole. The only thing to be aware of is that it is a fixed length pole which means it can’t be adjusted to different heights or made smaller (when travelling on public transport for instance). You need to know your correct pole height before buying. 

As there’s often special offers on Nordic walking poles, it’s best to use your search engine to find the best buy. Just type ‘Nordic walking poles Gabel Stride Light’.

Other great options:

Fixed length pole: Decathlon NW P700 Nordic walking pole – £59.99. This fixed length pole is 72% carbon, making it very light with barely any vibration up the pole shaft. The stand-out feature is the spiked tip, which grips the ground easily helping to propel you forward. 

Adjustable pole: Leki Instructor Lite – currently £77.95 from Absolute-Snow. One of the all-time best Nordic walking poles around.