Let’s Walk Nordic – Vicky’s new book

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We all know how important it is to be physically active but lots of us struggle to find something that is effective and which we actually enjoy. It’s easy to get caught up into thinking that you need to go to the gym or do something exceptional to improve your health, fitness, and mental wellbeing. This is not the case.

As many of us found out during the Covid-19 pandemic, walking connects you to nature, eases stress and anxiety, helps you tone up and lose weight, is a gateway to discovering the world around you, and most importantly is enjoyable. The Cinderella of the fitness industry came of age and reminded us that we don’t need expensive memberships, the latest gadgets, or gruelling workouts to get healthy. 

Nordic walking is an enhanced way of walking that can take your walking to the next level. Making walking more dynamic if you’re looking for that sweet spot of a whole body, high cardio, low impact exercise, whilst making it easier and more comfortable for you to walk if you have sore joints, back pain, or poor balance. 

Whilst Nordic walking is easy to learn, fun, and sociable, how much benefit you get from it depends on your technique. Nordic walking badly is not only a missed opportunity, but it can also perpetuate bad posture and walking habits.

As a National trainer for INWA, the International Nordic Walking Federation, I train new Nordic walking instructors to teach to the highest possible standard. I also support and mentor an amazing instructor team at Let’s Walk Bristol, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company which aims to encourage more people, particularly those from African, Caribbean, South Asian and other communities that are minority ethnic in England, to improve their mental and physical health through Nordic walking and to feel a sense of belonging in Bristol’s parks and other green spaces.

For years I have also been sharing my Nordic walking knowledge through blogs, articles, talks and social media, attracting an international audience.

With an increasing number of people wanting to Nordic walk and a lack of good books on the subject I felt it was time to consolidate all my learning and experience and create the practical guide Let’s Walk Nordic.

If you are interested in learning Nordic walking and don’t have access to a Nordic walking group near you, my book Let’s Walk Nordic is your complete guide to getting started and using Nordic walking for your health and fitness needs, from losing weight to tackling specific health issues to simply having fun and keeping fit.

Nordic walking is outdoors, sociable, non-sweaty and non-competitive. You do not need to be good at sport to be good at Nordic walking (in fact the people I’ve taught who are best at it are those who generally hated sport at school). All you need are two Nordic walking poles and a knowledge of the correct technique. Let’s Nordic Walk is your guide and gateway to a fitter, happier, stronger you.


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