Helen’s Story

Helen in blue jacket, near the centre Nordic walking…and all that it has brought Last year my daughter forwarded an email from a friend of hers. It said there was to be a free 8 week Nordic Walking course, offered to those over 70 and starting


Leonie and Iona’s story

Nordic walking group at Page Park, South Glos
Mum and daughter – smiles and sunglasses How we started Nordic walking Mum and I were sitting in Page Park after doing about an hour of walking when we were approached by a very polite lady (Catalina from Friends of Page Park) who asked if

Leonie (daughter) and Iona (mother) 

Maggie’s story

My route to Nordic walking followed a routine appointment post hip replacement, during which the consultant Mr Mike Kelly noticed my posture, walking and balance was very poor. He strongly advised that if I wanted to get back to a normal life, I needed to

Scott’s Story

Eastville Park Nordic walking
Before deciding to try something new most of us look up what others have to say. This is especially true for Nordic walking which many people don’t know much about. To help give you an idea about Nordic walking we are asking some of our


Abda’s story

Abda Nordic Walking
As I like walking my GP suggested I try Nordic walking. I vaguely knew what it was but had never tried it. I thought it was for upper and middle class people – I’d never seen any BME people Nordic walking. So I thought I’d give it


Henrietta’s story

Henrietta Fung - Nordic Walking Instructor
Until last year (my 65th ) my only exercise was occasionally walking the 20 minutes to work and once or twice a month dragging myself out for an hour’s walk.   Then something unexpected happened. I joined a Nordic walking taster at the Charlotte Keel


How can I learn?

We offer free Nordic walking courses and low cost Nordic walking classes and beginner workshops.
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