We’re all about Bristol, its many communities; and offering walking activities across these communities, to support people’s physical and mental health. We specialise in Nordic walking and offer tasters, workshops and community Nordic walking programmes bringing people together, having fun, improving wellbeing, and exploring the local area.

There are now at least 45 religions, 187 countries of birth and 91 different languages spoken in our beautiful city. So much is already being done by so many people and organisations to support all Bristol’s citizens, whatever their age, colour, ethnic heritage or gender. We want to contribute our skills to support the amazing work that’s already happening promoting health and wellbeing for all.

Through our community Nordic walking projects we aim to encourage more people, particularly those from African, Caribbean, South Asian and other communities that are minority ethnic in England, to improve their mental and physical health and feel a sense of belonging in Bristol’s parks and other green spaces.

Our Nordic walking tasters and workshops are an opportunity to find out more about Nordic walking, its benefits, and how it might work for you. If you’re interested in a Nordic walking taster for your group or community please contact us and we’ll try and sort one out. 

The Let’s Walk Bristol Team: Subitha, Lucille, Sunita, Henrietta and Vicky

Instructor Team meeting