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Eastville Park Nordic walking

Before deciding to try something new most of us look up what others have to say. This is especially true for Nordic walking which many people don’t know much about. To help give you an idea about Nordic walking we are asking some of our walkers how they started, why they continued and what they would say to anyone who is thinking of starting Nordic walking with us. Here’s what Scott (fourth from left in the above picture) has to say.


Route to Nordic walking:

I saw a booklet in the library for the Bristol Walk Fest which included a Nordic walking taster with Let’s Walk Bristol. It interested me as I enjoy walking and it was in a park near where I live and at a suitable time. I only picked the booklet up the night before, so I didn’t have a chance to sign up. I popped over the park on the Saturday morning and asked Vicky (one of the Let’s Walk Bristol instructors) if I could join which thankfully she let me. My first thought was I was surprised I was the only man there! This still surprises me now as I feel Nordic walking is for everyone. After the taster I felt I had finally found an exercise I could enjoy and cope with after various injuries from a car accident, so I signed up to Let’s Walk Bristol’s ‘Nordic walking wellness’ course. I enjoyed the social interaction as well as the physical aspect and being in a nice environment was a good combination. I noticed too I could walk quicker with less pain and further too.


Why and how I continued:

Soon after the beginners course finished Let’s Walk Bristol started a Wednesday evening group for course graduates. It was a shame a lot of my old group couldn’t make it but people from other groups merged together which was good. I felt determined to make the effort to continue as I have found it very beneficial. I think I managed to achieve every session which feels a good.


Three words to describe Nordic walking with Let’s Walk Bristol:

Fun – Welcoming – Inclusive


My words to others:

Give it a try you’ve got nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain. It can help on lots of different levels too you may just surprise yourself as I have!