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As I like walking my GP suggested I try Nordic walking. I vaguely knew what it was but had never tried it. I thought it was for upper and middle class people – I’d never seen any BME people Nordic walking. So I thought I’d give it a go especially as it was starting from my local GP surgery, and I knew there would be local residents and I would not feel out of place.


I signed up to a free six week Nordic walking course at Charlotte Keel health centre and when I arrived I was met by Subitha, one of the Let’s Walk Bristol Nordic walking instructor team. She was brilliant, putting everyone at ease and really giving clear instructions on the walking techniques and pole usage. It did not feel difficult to do and I really enjoyed it.


I learned that Nordic walking is a great way to improve your range of movement, increase your strength, and tone your muscles. After the first lesson I really wanted to carry on but because I work shifts at NHS Subitha very kindly changed my day to another day which I could always attend. I was very grateful for this.


The health benefits of Nordic walking have been an eye opener for me. It makes you think about posture, balance, feet and arm movements, breathing, connecting to nature and more.


Thank you Subitha and her team for both for my mental and physical wellbeing.