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This week’s wonder took us to St Paul’s Adventure Playground. Last time I was here this legendary playground was recovering from an arson attack and in the midst of being reconstructed. It is now an impressive structure central to the community of St Paul’s. I can’t lie I was very tempted to explore the new creation.  

St Pauls Mosaic
St Paul's Speedy Bird Café
The Seven Saints of St Pauls

Located just next to the playground (41 Morgan Street, St. Agnes) a beautiful mural can be found featuring Clifford Drummond, as part of the Seven Saints of St Pauls murals created by Michele Curtis in collaboration with The Paintsmiths.

These immersive paintings beautifully encapsulate seven individuals, who all contributed to the community in their own right, later joining forces to create St Paul’s festival, now known as the St Paul’s carnival. St Paul’s Carnival is now one of the ‘longest running  Afro Caribbean Carnival in the South West’.  

Clifford Drummond migrated to Bristol in 1954 and shortly after becoming a profilmic member to the community. 

  • On his ‘first day in Bristol [he] got a job at 10am, left that, got another at half past 4’
  • Ran the Speedy Bird café in St Paul’s, running a travel agency with (Owen henry), started a painting and decorating business on Stapleton work. He trained his nine children to work with him, seems like a clever man to me.  
  • Created awareness for sickle cell.  
  • Secretary and treasurer of the Commonwealth Co-ordinated Committee (CCC), set up to highlight open racial discrimination in Bristol in the 1960s 

If you want to hear someone speak more eloquently about Clifford Drummond, I would highly recommend checking out this link:


St Paul’s is home to some beautiful street art, here’s some I found along the way.  

Rob Wheeler  

To see more of Rob’s creations, click here: 

Came across this guy who was really soaking up the sun.

If you want to learn more, below are some links worth checking out

If you want to learn more, below are some links worth checking out

Short explanation behind who each of the Seven Saints are and their contribution to St Paul’s and the wider community:

If you want to know more about the artist, Michele Curtis, this is the link for you: 

The Paintsmiths:

Anna Cunningham