Sunday’s Festival Hub: Ashton Court

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Last week we ventured up to Ashton Court, a beautiful country park and mansion with 850 acres of woodland and grassland. Ashton Court has been home to deer for over 600 years, you’ll see them grazing all about Ashton Court. 

This beautiful estate will become our Festival’s hub on the Sunday (3rd October). A lively atmosphere with plenty to keep you entertained, including self-guided scenic walks, a Family treasure trail, street food including Don Tony’s pizza and I scream Tacos.  

Facts about Ashton Court Mansion:

  • Ashton Court Mansion was used as a military hospital in the First World War 
  • In the Second World War it was used as army transit camp, RAF HQ and US Army Command HQ 

Ashton Court Festival:

  • A former RAF technician and mechanic, Royce Creasey set up Ashton Court festival in 1974 which ran until 2007.  The idea was that it was a free festival with the most expensive meal costing 15p! Couldn’t get much more than half a freddo for that price now. 
  • It was said to be Britain’s largest free festival. However, as the festival grew government legislation resulted in compulsory fees and security fencing being introduced. 
  • It remained free even when the cost of the festival was up to £3,000. 

We discovered some strange trees along the way, including this strange log. How on earth did it form like that?

The bottom of a trunk can become a good home to a hibernating hedgehog or for snake to lay its eggs. 

Tree hollows are often found in older trees, the size of the hole depends on the age of the tree.