Bristol is one of the biggest Nordic walking centres in the country. We have lots of accessible parks and green spaces which are perfect for Nordic walking as well as beautiful countryside all around. Currently the main areas where Nordic walking takes place in Bristol are:
Clifton Downs
Blaise Castle Estate
Ashton Court
Oldbury Court
Eastville Park.

We would like Nordic walking to be more widely accessible across Bristol and for GPs and health workers to be able to prescribe Nordic walking for health. With the help of government and charitable funding we are: 

  • Coaching and mentoring people to become Nordic walking instructors and deliver Nordic walking classes in their communities.
  • Establishing community Nordic walking wellness programmes at health and community centres (see our ‘Classes’ page for details).
  • Setting up lending schemes so people who have learned the technique can borrow Nordic walking poles and continue to enjoy this activity in their own time without having to buy their own poles.
  • Running free Nordic walking tasters so that you can find out what Nordic walking is and if you like it. See our Festivals page for details of upcoming tasters and workshops.

There are also Nordic walking businesses who offer paid for regular classes and other Nordic walking related activities. The two main Nordic walking companies in Bristol are:
Bristol Nordic Walking; and Nordic4.

They are both very welcoming and have lots of different types of classes to suit all fitness levels and abilities.

If you live outside Bristol or are looking for a Nordic walking instructor local to you, search online via British Nordic Walking.