The Nordic Walking Wellness Programme offers residents of East Bristol the chance of joining free Nordic walking courses. East Trees and Charlotte Keel Health Centre staff ‘prescribe’ to us but if you live in East or Central Bristol you can sign up directly.

The courses are sociable, welcoming and friendly, supporting your health and wellbeing through Nordic walking. We go to nearby parks and green spaces where you will learn the Nordic walking technique and have time to connect with nature. You will also learn some great tips on how to walk with better posture and walking style (believe it not there’s an actual technique to walking!).

To find out more watch our videos:

Nordic walking as part of the Healthier with Nature Green Social Prescribing programme: watch our video

The benefits of Nordic walking and our free (funded) programme: watch our video  

Charlotte Keel Health Centre Fridays 10-11am
Course 1: 1 April – 27 May 
Course 2: 10 June – 29 July
Course 3: 9 September – 14 October

East Trees Health Centre Wednesdays 10-11am
Course 1: 6 April – 25 May
Course 2: 8 June – 27 July
Course 3: 7 September – 12 October

Eastville Park Saturdays 10:30-11:30am
Sat 4th Jun – Sat 2nd July

Email for more information.

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