Nordic walking Christmas presents

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If you’re thinking of a Christmas present to give or receive, how about something Nordic walking related? Not only would it be original, it’s also something that positively boosts health and wellbeing. Here’s a few ideas:

Nordic walking poles

You can’t Nordic walk without Nordic walking poles, so it’s probably the first investment you should make if you want to get serious about Nordic walking. And Christmas is the perfect time to ask for them. We’ve posted a couple of blogs to help you decide which poles would be best for you: Budget Friendly Nordic Walking Poles, and Best Nordic Walking Poles to Buy. We’ve also spotted a current Nordic walking bargain at Regatta – £24.95 for a pair of travel poles – 50% off.

Let's Walk Nordic by Vicky Welsh

A book

Everyone enjoyes a good book and we have the perfect Nordic walking book for you, Let’s Walk Nordic by our very own Vicky. You can buy it Here or, if you’d like it personalised, contact Vicky direct: It’s packed with practical tips on walking and Nordic walking and there’s something for everyone – from beginner to experienced Nordic walker.

Another book – or rather series of books – especially if you’re wanting to explore Bristol and the surrounding countryside a bit more, is the Beyond Bristol series of country walking books by Robin Tetlow. They’re easy to follow and there’s some stunning walks. It could be the start of a whole new adventure.


Who doesn’t like a gadget? Especially at Christmas. Here’s a few of our favourites:

Foot rollers: We’re often talking about how important it is to be active with your feet to keep them healthy, improve your circulation, and help you walk faster. Doing regular exercises will also help the strength, flexibility, and condition of your feet and one of the easiest exercises is to massage your feet over a roller or ball. There’s masses of choice, but we know that lots of you rate the H&S massage roller which comes in at a cheeky £7.99.

Hand warmers: On cold days it can sometimes take ages to warm up your hands, even when Nordic walking. We really like the look of these dual-palm rechargeable hand warmers – £34.99 on the Ordnance Survey website.

Boot cleaner: We know some of you like to keep your boots nice a clean and the Boot Buddy has been tried and tested by Nordic walkers all over the country. Cost: £26.99.

Outdoor Apps

Favourite Apps

Okay, so this isn’t something you can wrap up, but there’s plenty of great Apps which can enhance your walk. We especially rate these:

Merlin Bird ID. Ever wanted to know what bird is singing that beautiful birdsong you’re hearing as you walk? This impressive app listens to the birds around you, identifies them, and even highlights in real time which bird is singing – truly amazing. What’s even better, the app is completely free.

iNaturalist. This fabulous app identifies plants, animals, and fungi. We’ve used it again and again to identify wild flowers whilst out walking. You just take a photo and the app will do the rest. Again, it’s free to use.

OS Maps. This app is simply incredible. It gives you the entire OS maps for whole country. You can record, create and download routes. Plus find curated premium trails. It costs £34.99 for a year’s subscription, but there’s a 7 day free trial and monthly subscription options too. We should also mention All Trails, which is another excellent mapping app and which works all over the world.