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Our Chew Valley walk, taking place on Saturday (2nd October), starts at this incredible vast lake. If you’re lucky to admire the lake on a sunny day it is a sublime sight with dreamy reflections. 

The walk continues through rolling Somerset countryside until you find yourself surrounded by these mysterious stones, known as ‘The Great Circle’, at Stanton Drew. These stones are believed to have been build 4,500 years ago in the year 2500 BC. 

Stanton Drew Circles and Cove

The Great Circle at 113 meters in diameter is one of the largest stone circles in the country and has 26 surviving upright stones. 

These stones became the centre piece to many folklore tales.

Imagine if these stones were just planted there to confuse us after all these years. 

Folklore Tales of Stanton Drew

The most persistent tale is that on a Saturday night a wedding party danced in the meadow. The fiddler stopped playing at midnight because he didn’t want to perform on a Sunday. So, the devil decided to take over, he began playing faster and faster until the exhausted dancers fell over and turned into stone. 

Nobody wants to be playing the fiddle on a Sunday. 

A similar legend has it that the three stones of the cove are a vicar, bride and groom who were also turned to stone by the devil. 

Legend has it has that at midnight six days after the full moon the stones awaken and can be seen walking down to the river to take a drink.

Another tale of these mysterious stones is that anyone who attempts to count these stones will fall ill or even die. A baker once attempted to count the stones by placing a loaf of bread on each stone. But every time he turned his back the loaves mysteriously disappeared. I think that’s a mystery more easily solved.

This lovely illustrations alongside many others is done by Jennie Anderson.  

Check out more of her on work on website:

If all of this sounds intriguing and you want to risk counting the stones for yourself then you can now book tickets on our website:

This walk will be led by Georgie Duckworth, who is one half of the amazing duo at Go Wild Go West. Check out more of their adventures on their website:

A link to the history of the Stanton Drew Circles and Cove: